Wave College - Hair Care Training Academy

Private Hair Care Training Academy, Bellville, South Africa     Tel: 27 21 9458011
                                                                           email: [email protected]

About Us    &   The  Course

Wave College was established in March 2001 and we pride ourselves in the fact that our learners receive 100%  hands-on training in addition to the theoretical training which forms the underlying solid foundation of their course.

Our students are very priviledged not to worry too much about practical models.  We are situated around the corner a very busy main road (Voortrekker Rd) in Bellville and we open the doors of the training section to the public after their theory session every morning. However, there will be occasions when students will have to make provision for models in specialised training areas.

Hairdressing is not for lazy bones - whoever enters this most rewarding career must be prepared to stand for long hours on their feet and above all, must have a genuine desire to work with hair and people.

If you wish to register, please follow the link on the right hand side and we will contact you to fill in the missing pieces that you would like to know. 


4 Anstey Centre, Teddington St, Bellville,  South Africa

Tel:  27 21 945 8011    Fax:  0867 193 896




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