Wave College - Hair Care Training Academy

Private Hair Care Training Academy, Bellville, South Africa     Tel: 27 21 9458011
                                                                           email: [email protected]

40 DAYS  Short Intensive Skills Training Course

Duration:                          2 months (Mondays - Fridays)  50 working days

Hours:                              8h45 - 16h00

Course price:                   Cash  -  R6800.00  (kit & hairdryer excluded)

Terms Price:                    R7500.00  (Deposit - R3800 & 2 consecutive installments of R1850 payable on 

                                        25th of the month)

Basic Kit:  (optional extra)   R550  (combs, brushes, clamps)  Student must buy own scissor & hairdryer

Next available course date:  7 February 2016.  Intake is limited 4 learners.

Registration  Deadline  :  Friday,  29 January 2016.

Please note that we do not receive any sponsorships from outside parties / Government and are dependant on the course fees of the students as well as the salon charges to the clients in order to run this course successfully.  


1.   Welcome and establish service to be rendered

2.   Shampooing and conditioning

3.   Scalp massaging techniques

4.   Sanitation

5.   Health and safety

6.   Hair Relaxing procedures

7.   Keratin Treatments

8.   Basic cutting techniques ( Solid, uniform, short increase layer)

9.   Hair Colouring & Highlight techniques

10.   Styling

Assessments:  Class assessments will be conducted on a regular basis to determine the progress of the learner.

Certification:  A Certificate of Attendance will be issued on completion of the course.

Due to the workload of the course, a 100% attendance record is required.  No certificate will be issued unless  100% competencies can be proved in specified areas.

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